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Child Care Sheet is an important document to be adequately maintained by all the Child Care Concerns. It is commonly recommended by the concerned authorities / bodies running in any country of the world. Although, it may differ from its pattern but mostly the contents are similar to the Child Care Sheet. As the contents are very factual and logical without any ambiguity and all the required information is accurately relevant.

Let us first discuss the contents of an Attendance Sheet in a Child Care. It consists of the date (including day as it is usually maintained weekly), drop up time (with the initials of the authorized person dropping the child), pick up time (with the initials of the authorized person picking up the child), comments if any and lastly a column of “late”.

This sheet is maintained commonly on a weekly basis and accumulated monthly. Attendance Sheet is recorded separately for each child in a child care, mentioning his / her full name, week start and weekend date and fee amount as child care receives weekly payment in common.

Here is preview of this Child Care Sheet Template created using Microsoft Word,

Child Care Sheet Template

It is also advisable to make sure the attendance sheets are completely and accurately filled(usually manually on a pre printed format) before asking the parent to sign / initial  their affirmation on the timings. Parents should never be asked to sign a blank attendance sheet by the Child Care as a matter of law and regulations.

Attendance sheets should be signed by the authorized person at Child Care and the parent before submitting them to the concerned authority. Submitting unsigned attendance sheets could delay payment if your child care is regulated by a relating body and you are receiving payments after their approval like the system prevailing in the United States, Australia, Canada and other European and American countries.

Child Care Attendance sheets should reveal the real / actual time of day that care starts and finishes at. If a child is absent from the child care due to illness, vacation, or any other reason, that child should be marked on the attendance sheet as absent for that day. Concerned Authority’s approved Child Care Plan does not allow payment for absences.

Some Child Cares maintain a monthly Attendance Sheet System instead of weekly system in view of reducing the quantity of paper work and simplify the process which is also acceptable by the authorities as far as the Attendance Sheet provides the required / necessary information / contents about the kids in the Child Care.

We also find numerous software companies throwing advanced software in the market to fulfill the requirement of the Attendance Sheets. Huge Child Cares with good number of kids with them opt for these as it makes their lives hassle free to deal with number of sheets separately being recorded for each child. While small scaled Child Care does not find it a big deal maintaining Attendance Sheets for little kids.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Child Care Sheet Template,

Download Child Care Sheet Template

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