Daily Employee Time Sheet Template

Daily employee time sheet is a document which contains all the information about which employee got at work at what time and when did he leave the work. This is a document which is necessary for almost every organization small or large, local or global. There are a huge number of companies which hire their staff on hourly wages and the workers get paid according to their worked hours and in such companies, it’s very important to keep a record of every employee to pay him exactly what he has earned. But that’s not it and the other companies where the employees are hired on regular monthly salaries; they also have to sign on a sheet whenever they want to enter in the office or want to leave the work. This sheet helps the employer to maintain a professional atmosphere inside the office where everyone has to get to office on time and no one can leave without letting authorities know.

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Employee Time Sheet Template

There are many websites that have the facility for their visitors to download the daily employee time sheet template and then print them. This is really a time saving process where you don’t have to design anything and you can download and print pre-designed templates but there are some organizations which like to design their own employee time sheet. This sheet is placed on the reception and every employee has to sign on it in order to get in or go out. Employees including the manual workers, first line managers and higher management, all have to sign on the time sheet to let the administration know about their time table of coming in and going out.

Although companies use this sheet in form of a document or paper which is kept in a file after wards for the permanent record but that a time consuming procedure and there are a lot of extra paper work in the office and files to take care of. That’s why most companies are upgrading their employee time sheet to web-base software. It’s a computer program which is saved and run through a server and it’s very easy to use too. All the employees are issued employee identity cards and whenever they want to go in or out, they have to swipe the card on a scanner which saves the name of the employee, his designation and the time of his check in or check out. Using this computer program has many advantages such as there is no need for extra file systems and this saves the office from extra paper work. All the data is saved on a hard drive in a computer and a few inches hard drive can save millions of record so its space saving too. The third and most important benefit of using this software is that it presents a real time situation in front of the administration and they can count the work hours of an employee at anytime and there is no need to wait for the manual calculation because this software does all this work by itself.

Small offices and work places such as coffee shops, cafes, super store and shopping malls can’t operate properly without an employee time sheet because most of them work with hourly paid employees and they often pay the workers on daily basis. This sheet helps the employer to count the working hours at the end of every shift and pay the worker according to his duty timings. Offices which fine their employees in case they come late in the office or go out early, have great benefits of this time sheet which maintains a record of every employee and the exact time of his arrival or leaving.

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Download Daily Employee Time Sheet Template

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