Daily Activity Sheet

In every business there are a number of activities need to be done on a daily basis. For a successful completion of a project or for running an organized business, daily activity sheet works well. Busy schedules usually bring an overwhelming feeling and sometimes people become detract. In order to keep all the workers on track and in order to manage your routine tasks it is important to have a daily activity sheet. Daily activity sheet is a common thing in organizations, nonprofit organizations, companies, projects, day care or childcare centers, training sessions and much more. Daily activity sheets could be used by folks or people from all walks of life.

Here is a comprehensive Daily Activity Sheet Template created using MS Excel that can easily help anyone to organize his activites,

Daily Activity Sheet

Requirements of a daily activity sheet

Daily activity sheets can be classified on the basis of the type of organization, project and activities. In a project the requirements for daily activity sheet includes daily task, timeline, material and deliverables whereas in a child care center, a daily activity sheet needs to have age groups of child including babies, toddlers and preschoolers, education related activities, sports related activities, creativities and development. Therefore, the requirements of daily activity sheet changes with the type of activity and organization.

Impact of the daily activity sheet

According to a research, people and businessperson who are using daily activity sheet are found more productive and organized as compared to those neglecting the importance of the daily activity sheet. Along with high productivity, they are also found with almost double free time. It is because they break down their whole day into hours on the basis of activities to be done. In each hour they assign a particular task and then spend the entire hour to complete it. In this way they aren’t only completing their tasks easily but at the same time make it more perfect, clear and improved. This is the biggest and accurate way to learn the art of utilizing time effectively.

Tips to create a successful daily activity sheet

  • It is good to plan your activities of the day at night before. This will help you to think in a relax mode and to assign different tasks to yourself or to your subordinates.
  • Creating an activity sheet for a single individual is quite simple while it becomes a bit time consuming when it comes to creating and activity sheet for a number of people. if you are creating a daily activity sheet for a group of people and all the people are related to one project, then it is good to open a number of sheets into a single workbook of Microsoft Excel.
  • Write the names of employees, they assign tasks, timeline, outcomes and even leave a space for comments.
  • On the completion of each task or activity, mark it and write the exact time at which you or your employee completed the task.
  • On each weekend review all the sheets of daily activities and check how many time you have saved and how much productivity is increased.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Daily Activity Sheet,

Download Daily Activity Sheet

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