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A log book of a vehicle is part and partial of a driver. Driver Log Sheet is like a legal diary, which is as important as anything. It plays a vital role in the life of a professional driver. It has been seen that drivers sometimes take as a hassle and wastage of time but in reality it is not so. Everyone knows that professionalism of a driver is judged by the neatness and accuracy of his log sheet. The legal courts are impressed when you maintain your log sheet properly and seriously. The neat lines also describe your personality. A well-written log sheet plays a part of your good friend. Here are some beneficial tips for the driver, which can help you during your journey from one place to another.

First of all you must keep your driver log sheet in progress. Perhaps it is easy for you to say that you will update you sheet later, but it is not a befitting answer. It is necessary for you to update it at every end. If you fail to follow this important advice, you will have to face a heavy fine by DOT. It is in your favor to keep the record fresh.

Here is preview of Driver Log Sheet Template,

Driver Log Sheet Template

It has been mentioned above that carefulness counts a lot. Whenever you are stopped for DOT inspection, they are likely to give a great deal of concession if they find your log sheet spotless and clear. If they see your log sheet understandable with neatly drawn lines, they build a good opinion about you.

The officers of DOT inspection do not forget to look for meticulousness. Though neatness is very essential, yet completion and updating is also necessary. To meet the requirements of DOT, you should fill every single space. It is in your favor to spend some time to fill out your book with your vehicle number and bill of lading. You should also fill city, state and driver name. During the process of DOT inspections, the neatness of your log sheet plays a vital role in declaring you a professional driver.

You should not ignore to calculate your numbers most carefully. Accuracy in your calculations is as important as thoroughness. You should keep in mind that your log sheet should correspond with fuel and toll tickets. It should also be remembered to you that an inaccuracy in your calculations will indicate that there is something wrong and the officer will review your log sheet thoroughly. It will not be a good omen for your integrity.

It is a good practice to have with you a notebook in order to write down your every move. In this regard you can write every stop and everything that has been done during the whole day. These things may include meal breaks, pre trip inspections, read-through fluids and loading etc. This practice will prove fruitful if you forget your log sheet. This habit will also be beneficial for you if you have to explain your daily activities to some inspection officer.

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