Employee Job Sign Off Sheet Template

The employee sign off sheet is meant for the record of the different activities or duties performed by the employees of an organization. This sheet is present with almost all the major organizations and is an important document to be filled to have an idea about the working of every person of that organization. This sheet represents the completion of assigned tasks. It is a very strong evidence of finished work. Because on this both parties officially sign to authenticate that the respective task has been done and the completion status of that has been checked. Every company has their own format of sign off sheet.

The objective of this sheet is in fact to organize and balance the duties of each and every employee of that organization thus, increasing their efficiency along with productivity level. If the work line of the employees is managed and followed according to this Sign off sheet then it would be easy for an employee to sketch his daily responsibilities and duty code. Similarly on the other hand the boss can also easily trace the effective participation of every employee by just looking at the employee sign off sheet. In short it is actually a snapshot of the whole work being done in the organization by the name of the person who is performing those respective tasks.

Here is preview of this Employee Job Sign Off Sheet Template created using Microsoft Word,

Employee Job Sign Off Sheet Template

Foe designing of an employee sign off sheet, then there are few essentials that can never be over looked to make it complete in every way.

  • In the start of the employee signoff sheet the complete name and designation of the person that is serving for that particular post is given with details.
  • It is important to note that usually the sign off sheet is made as per the designation or the post, a person is handling. So if in an organization there are seven people serving then there would be seven employee sign off sheets each depicting the record of one employee with all his duties jotted down.
  • After this the individual responsibilities are listed there. These duties might be allotted for the whole month with the daily signatures for being done or this can also be weekly based sheet.
  • The employee has to sign against that particular duty after performing that job before leaving the office on every day basis. The supervisor also signatures after checking the completion status of that job done.
  • The details of each and every duty of an employee should be given in detail including all the parts of the divided tasks as well. If the duty structure would be clear to the employee much easier and better the task can be completed.

This employee sign off sheet is very helpful for the monthly credentials of the employees, as it marks the presence and the status of the works done for the whole month by that employee plus it also records the status of the completed and incomplete jobs.

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