Monthly Attendance Sheet Template

For any organized and formal organization or institute a proper, well-maintained monthly attendance sheet is very important. According to many experts from different walks of life, time and attendance sheets are the two elements that have a key role in the success of any organization or any place where there is a workforce and a proper work to complete. Attendance sheets help you in finding out the routine of employees whether they are following your instructions and the rules and regulations of an organization or not as each employee have a schedule to follow and a time frame to work within. Moreover, an attendance sheet helps the manager, supervisor or HR management department to track the performance, productivity and time devotion.

Here is a comprehensive Monthly Attendance Sheet created using MS Excel,

Monthly Attendance Sheet

Every organization has its own quota for leaves, short leaves and annual vacation days, having a monthly attendance system helps you to track the lives of your employees and then you would be able to treat them according to their overall performance and work schedule. There are numerous types of attendance sheets that are in use in different organizations. Some prefer daily and weekly attendance sheets while some others feel convenience in using monthly attendance sheet. As compared to daily and weekly attendance sheets, monthly attendance sheets are easy to maintain, simple to create and helpful in making reviews. In weekly and daily attendance sheets one needs to carry a number of pages while monthly attendance sheet gives you the record of the whole month on a single page.

How to create your own Monthly Attendance Sheet?

The monthly attendance sheet can be made in Microsoft Excel as well as with the help of attendance software. Microsoft Excel is a common office tool therefore following few steps will teach you that how to make monthly attendance sheet in Excel.

  • Open a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, merge across the first four or six cells in rows.
  • Write the name of the organization and the supervisor or manager in the top of the page in the area you merged. In case of school or training institute attendance sheet write the name of the teacher or instructor and the title of the course.
  • Then give headings in the first cells of each column like names of employee/trainee/students, timeline like morning or evening and then write the dates of the entire month. Under the heading of students or employee name, write all the names of employees and then everyday mark their attendance under the heading of the date.
  • You can take a printout of your monthly attendance sheet or can keep it in your computer or laptop.

Uses of Monthly Attendance Sheet

From the prospective of employer, monthly attendance sheet can be used in making monthly and annual performance appraisal, invoices, salary determination specially in organizations that are used daily wages, tracking leaves and short leaves of employees and their daily schedule to make them organized and managed. For employee, monthly attendance sheet is helpful because it works as evidence that you didn’t take leaves in one month and so you can ask for leaves that you saved in previous month easily.

Here is download link for this Monthly Attendance Sheet,

Download Monthly Attendance Sheet

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