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When you are taking care of a company, or a business with a number of employees working under you, there are many things that you need to consider, including keeping a check on the attendance of your employees. However, it is true that maintaining a huge business is not an easy task to do. You come across a number of tasks to everyday, from making sure that you have enough stock in the warehouse, to keeping a check on the accounts and ledgers of your business, and making sure that your company is generating enough revenue to earn profits. With so much to keep in mind, it gets really hard to keep a check on your employees and making sure that they are showing up on time, and not taking a lot of leaves.

For this, the brightest solution that one can come up with is keeping an office attendance sheet. The traditional forms of office attendance sheets involved attendance registers with a whole list stating the name of employees, the time they showed up and the time they left along with their signatures. This was a very manual and a tiresome job that required one to sketch columns and rows everyday on the pages of the register and makes sure that everyone who enters the office, signs the register and marks the exact time when they are reaching and leaving the office. However, the dilemma was that no one could actually keep a check if employees were writing the correct time or if the employees themselves were signing the register. Therefore, this method of keeping a check on the attendance of the employees has become quite outdated and impractical with the modern techniques coming up every day as the technology is advancing.

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Office Attendance Sheet

One of the most modern and newest means of keeping a check on the attendance of the employees is by creating an office attendance sheet on computer systems by either using Microsoft Excel or any of the other software. The best part of making using computer system to keep a check on the attendance is the fact that first of all, one does not need to go through the tiresome job of sketching columns and rows on the register for hours, so that the employees could easily write in their names and fill in other details as well. Software like Microsoft Excel come with already prepared columns and rows that you can easily adjust according to your own requirements.

Moreover, the fact that the computer automatically detects the time and date,makes sure that only the exact timings are going into the system. Furthermore, another advantage is that you no longer need to carry the heavy registers every time and count the number of absents and presents for each employee, while you are working on the appraisals. The computer does this work for you, so that you can easily keep a count on your employees and the number of days they are coming in.

Therefore, technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier in a number of ways, even the smallest task of making office attendance sheets is made easier through the use of computers and latest software.

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