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The office Time sheet is prepared for making the record of the office timings of all the employees and officials. This is an important management tool that helps to keep the record of the timings of all the office employees with reference to their daily reporting time and for the whole month it records the timings and then at the end of the month this record helps to summarize their efficiency status and also the payroll system needs that important information.

As the process of tracking the time of the individuals is unique to every employee so we cannot suggest that a single sheet with a fixed format can do that efficiently. Thus, we always need some or more customizations to be adjusted in one basic format.

Here is preview of this office time sheet template.

For designing a time sheet first define the objectives of the time sheet, for which purpose this office sheet is going to be used in your workplace;

  • The time period mode is decided on the requirement of the management of the office. Mostly the time sheets records are maintained in monthly, weekly or bi weekly modes.
  • The projects time sheet should be separate one to record the time spend at the project  as mostly the hours are also credited from the clients so it should be managed separately.

To find out the features that are exactly required at your workplace with reference to the office time sheet, one should first locate the exact needs of the time sheet;

  • A method to enter a valid data from the users without any sort of typo mistakes and errors.
  • The format of the time sheet should be user friendly and everyone can easily handle the respective data.
  • The protection features of the sheets so that the users can not change the formulas fixed there for calculations
  • The aim of protecting the confidential data

After having an idea about the preliminary needs of the office time sheet the next step comes for its appropriate designing as per the needs.

  • All the basic information about the employees should be entered in the time sheet such as their names, date of joining, their relative job numbers, Employee identification number, along with the exact department and the supervisor name or managers name.
  • The time period starting from the first day of the month or the week depending upon the mode selected for the time sheet.
  • The dates should be mentioned including all the working days as well as the holidays to record the exact dates.
  • The timings for entering the office, out timings. A valid time sheet also records the timings for the sick leaves, short breaks, vacations and over time as well.
  • The total is made at the end. Usually this is done with the help of the formula that is locked for that particular column.
  • At the end there are the signatures of the manager or Head.

With this simple format the users can easily handle the entries but the dates and days should be automatically updates to avoid mistakes.

Here is download link of this office time sheet template.

Download office time sheet template.


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