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The project time sheet is used to track the time, costs, budgets and the completion status of the project. It is an important tool that is a part of project management. A project oriented time sheet prepared not only helps in early completion of the project well in time but also gives the easier solutions of all the problems related to the costs, time of the employees and budgets.

It is an ideal tool of project management that is meant for managing even the multiple projects with common personnel, external workers and costs via one sheet that is project time sheet. This sheet actually helps to coordinate between the different steps and activities of the projects arranging them in a fine manner to b e completed in step by step manner.

To use this tool efficiently the project time sheet should be updated regularly. The tool can be used by building it in user friendly module by customizing it with the needs of the individual projects and companies. The time sheet can track both the project and non project efforts done by the employees. The time is entered in the time sheet in units ranging from seconds to days.

Here is preview of this project time sheet template.


If there is none of the project time sheet then it is simply regarded as project suicide. The lack of time sheet results in limited knowledge about the cost, profit margins of the projects, current status of the project, completion time span of the project, material costs, travel costs, incidental costs.

The success of the project time sheet depends upon the type of the sheet that we have selected for our project. The project time sheet may be available in paper form as well as computer based time sheet. Of course nowadays the computer based system is most appropriate to be used for the projects as the use is much easier. Such time sheets are available in window PC’s and also in apple devices as a build in feature. All the tracking via these computer systems is done as a live tracking of the project and it keeps the valid record of everyday activities so we need not to wait till the end of the month for having an overall image of the project. We can track our project status on daily basis. The managers of the project can get the complete snap shot of the project within seconds.

The efficient project time sheet is a sheet that has the ability to track the time of the project by the user. It should be designed in such a simple way that it can help easily one of the individual to enter the time tracking for all the staff within few seconds. The data can be easily incorporated in the time sheet. However, it is also suggested that such a build in sheet should also have the ability to add on some of the features means there should always be the open end available for customization as the projects may vary a little bit.

Here is download link of this project time sheet template.

Download project time sheet template.

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