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The importance of reading drivers’ log sheets is evident from the fact that a number of companies have had their licenses suspended and more than that number of have been fined for ignoring the process of reading in this regard. If you are not in habit of maintaining record properly, you will not be granted A, B or C license. If a license holder do not fulfill the conditions, he is liable to penalties in the courts.

It has been often observed that the drivers as well as management of organizations are not care for the completion and properly reading log sheets .The outcome of this negligence results in offences that is not a good thing. It is the foremost obligation of the driver to keep up to date record of his hours of work of driving. He should not leave any space in his log sheet as unfilled. Besides driving, maintaining   the record of other engagements such as loading and unloading is also necessary.

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Driver Reading Log Template

The driver of a vehicle is bound to note the name of company, acknowledgment number of carrier’s license as well as the index mark and registration number of vehicle whenever he receives a log sheet. He should enter this information in the right place. The driver must be aware of fact that entering the hours of work on the completion of day’ work in not sufficient. So many problems may happen for this practice. It is important to note that date and time of the last driver be there in the log sheet while the date and time of the driver who commenced work should be entered in the log sheet. It is also necessary to enter the meal breaks in the log sheet. It should keep in mind that drivers and employers have fined for not showing this entry properly. In this regard space is given in a log sheet for journey undertaken by the driver and it should be completed in detail. In log sheet a description of the goods and their maximum weight is also essential. The log sheet must be signed by the driver and it should be returned to the license holder or his representative with a week period.

It is the foremost obligation on the part of a license holder to ensure the provision of appropriate forms to drivers well in time and their return back to him at the end of the related period. If space is provided for the relevant information, then the forms do not need to follow any set pattern. The license holder is duty bound to read log sheet carefully and check the details are properly filled completely. The license holder should ensure that the driver is not given any task which cannot be completed within the permitted working hours. It should be known to him this is a

The driver should take his meal time according to time specified for meal break to avoid any untoward situation. He should know that he will be held responsible for any mistake by him in this regard.

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