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Student Budget Sheet is that whereby a student (school, college, university) documents his / her income and expenses. This is one of the most important steps towards managing his / her money for a view of savings this is what the budget means. Hence, students who maintain their budget sheets really have their savings. Moreover, they have a clear picture of what they get, what they can spend and what they will be left with for a month.

Preparing a budget is the most important step in controlling your money which is even more important when you are in your student life. Whereby, you might be earning from part time besides your pocket money and your expenses would be limited as that after being an adult and in your practical life of responsibilities. This budgeting habit (making budget sheet) will help you to live a stable and hassle free life.

Researchers on Budget says, “Spend less than you earn!”.

A Student Budget Sheet enables you to keep an eye on your Income (the money that you have) and your Expenses (the money you have to expense out). When you start making this sheet for every month by writing down your monthly income and expenses, you can easily have an idea of how much money you will have for the month and can easily plan for your spending capacity. Always prepare your budget sheet with a view to save money by hook or by crook so that you don’t need to borrow money at the end days of any month.

Here is a good Student Budget Sheet Template created using MS Excel so that students can easily use it,

Student Budget Sheet

For instance, you work part time and earn $175 a month from it, you get $100 on account of pocket money from your father and get an unexpected income of about $25, hence  your total income accumulates to $300.

Now ideally you should try to enforce yourself to spend less than $300 in the whole month by filling up the Student Budget sheet.

Take a paper and draft a format for your Budget Sheet. The first step when formulating your budget is, have a clear idea of the money you will be  receiving in total as income (whether from a job or pocket money). Write it down in the income sources on the top of the sheet.

On the second note, jot down the expenses necessarily you will be incurring within the month. Those may be your cell phone bill, transportation, etc. You can also put in expense the money you are trying to save for something big you want to buy for yourself, like a laptop / notebook.

Thirdly, you may plan for some entertainment, like having party with friends after a long time, or a dinner out, gifts for friends, purchasing some clothes for yourself, etc. These expenses are those which may not arise every month or you can postpone them if you feel you may run out of money if you pay for them.

Netting off expenses from income will give you the amount you are left with for the month or in other words that is your saving.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Student Budget Sheet,

Download Student Budget Sheet

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